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Pillow covers, table settings, and rag rugs are all hand made in Mali and Burkina Faso.  The fabrics are hand woven, dyed or made from locally sourced fabric.  Pillow covers fit 16" to 21" pillows.  Rugs are 3.5'x2'.  All can be ordered directly by contactinus us or from our Etsy site Click Here

Purple Woven
Yellow woven
Black and white hand woven
Blue Woven.JPG
Blue and Copper Woven.JPG
Yellow Flower.JPG
Seeds and Diamonds
Turquoise Kaleidoscope.JPG
Earth x 2.JPG
Orange Batik.JPG
Turquoise Dot Batik.JPG
Orange Blue Batik.JPG
Black and White Batik.JPG
Purple Batik.JPG
Blue and white Batik.JPG
Orange and Green Batik.JPG
Purple Flower.JPG
Blue and Green Formal.JPG
Brick Bird.JPG
Aqua .JPG
Multi Kalediscope.JPG
Red Circles.JPG
White and Gray Woven .JPG
Copper stripe Woven.JPG
Bird Tablecloth.JPG
Stripe Tablecloth.JPG
Copper and Blue Runner.JPG
Bazaan Tablecloth.JPG
Multi square Rug.JPG
Blue Rug.JPG
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