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Souleymane Solo Sana is a traditional dancer from Mali, West Africa.  He has dedicated his life to sharing the artistic traditions of his culture. Solo and his wife, Zyck Baggett, created Sandia Designs to help protect and preserve the ancient traditions hand of crafted textile design.  Solo and Zyck work with local artisans in Mali and Burkina Faso and other parts of West Africa in order to foster the preservation of traditional textile techniques.  They aim to breathe life into ancient designs as well as encourage the creation of new works.  Sandia Designs assists in creating opportunities for the texitle designers as well as local tailors and other artisans that produce their products.  By focusing with individuals on small enterprise development they are working on assisting artisans with sustainable business models that incorporate principles of environmental responsibility along with sound business practices.  

Check out Solo Sana's website for more information about classes, workshops, and performances in traditional Malian dance and his organization, Kono Gnaga, with a mission to preserve traditional music and dance.


Weavers that we work with in Burkina Faso

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